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I bake #RealBread bread every day.

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Our Bread

We only use the freshest, highest quality ingredients

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All our bread is baked fresh to order (hence the cut-off times for ordering) so you know that it’s at its freshest when you receive it.
Salt is non-iodized sea salt, yeast is fresh (100% wild in the sourdoughs) and all the love is natural!
These are all the ingredients you really need

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“Mum and dad are looking forward to the scones …”

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Order by 12 noon on Thursday for collecting on Friday

Our Courses

Learn from an experienced baker

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

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Learn to bake in the comfort of our home. We’ll provide the ingredients, the knowledge, the tools, the sweet treats and all you need to bring is your passion and enthusiasm We’ll assume you’re a novice (unless you tell us otherwise) and will show you how to turn a few simple ingredients into a stunning loaf to be proud of!
You’ll learn techniques of mixing, kneading, shaping and how to get the best results from your oven at home. The varieties of different flours, yeasts and seeds that can be used in your breads but most importantly,,, we’ll show you how baking bread puts a smile on the faces of those that made it and the lucky ones that get to eat it!


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