About rise n shine bakehous


I’ve been a chef lecturer since 2004 and the business was born through my passion for food, baking and teaching so put them all together and created Rise ‘n’ shine Bakehouse.

Rise ‘n’ Shine Bakehouse is set up and run by me, Alex Wilcock

Since the children have grown up and left home the main things I look after and care for (should be my husband, I know) is my great friend Edna; she’s my sourdough culture (wild yeast) who is now 5 years old and very much part of the family, and my allotment which is an ongoing project.

Alex Wilcock Rise and Shine Bakehouse

Since completing a “Bread Angels” course in October 2016 I’m now pursuing my dream of running my own micro-bakery. I’m baking a range of breads in my newly bought “Rofco” stone based bread oven which consists of white, brown & granary loaves/rolls, bagels and many speciality breads such as Sourdough, rye, focaccia, ciabattas, French baguettes. I buy all of my flour from Marriages; light rye, spelt, country malt, white and Chelmer white. I also have my own tabletop stone mill so I can grind whole grains which I source from’ Imbhams Farm Granary Surrey’ into the freshest flour and create premium artisanal loaves.

I truly believe bread is “the food of life” and shouldn’t be used just as a side dish or a carrier for a sandwich but as the centre piece of the meal with all other elements as the side dish.

Not only do I bake for the local community but I also teach; I hold a variety of courses which include basic breads, artisan breads, sweet breads and the other elements of the meal to accompany the bread such as a beef massaman curry, dahl and mushroom fried rice to “accompany” the Naan bread and a variety of Asian and European cuisine such as Thai green & red curry, Tandoori, Coq Au Vin, Chilli to name but a few.

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