Food is loved universally …

Each culture has different dishes that are appreciated and well, who doesn’t love to eat? But the average person seems to view food as just a necessity and the process of cooking it can seem tedious or boring to most people. That’s why things like microwavable TV dinners and instant pastas are so popular now; They’re getting their necessary meals without having to cook. But when did we forget that cooking is an art too? Not only that, but it’s incredibly therapeutic.

My Favourite Recipes

What’s yours?

Authentic Indian Peshwari Naan Bread
An authentic delicious Indian flat bread recipe with yogurt.
Check out this recipe
Cheese and Marmite Loaf
Perfect used as a sandwich, toasted with butter or eaten with poached or scrambled egg for breakfast
Check out this recipe
Cheese & Marmite Loaf
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